A Game of Fetch, and God’s Economy

October 17th, 2017 Posted by Glory Minute 0 thoughts on “A Game of Fetch, and God’s Economy”

Ever play a game of fetch with a dog? I’ve played it with our Comfort Dog/Hero Tobias, and he’s amazing at it. By the way, if you think of it, say a prayer for Tobias and the ministry happening through him today; he’s visiting with folks in Las Vegas following the horrendous shooting.

Back to fetch- you know the drill. You have something (a stick, a tennis ball, etc.) and you toss it away, only to see it come back to you, only perhaps this time with a little dog saliva!

Interestingly, a story Jesus told invites us to see that in many ways, choosing generosity and seeking His Kingdom in our lives is not all that different from a game of fetch. Take a peek…

It’s Matthew 25:14-30, and it’s a story of a master who departs for a journey, and entrusts what he has to his servants. Each gets a different amount, yet each are challenged to be good stewards. Upon his return, he calls them to account. Two servants did well with what they were given, while one failed. Addressing all of them, he invites those who did well with what was entrusted to them to “come and share your master’s happiness”.

Bottom line- they did well with what they were given, and now good things (the master’s happiness) would come back to them, like a game of fetch. They worked hard, were generous, and sowed good seed, and now would be invited to share in the success, bounty, and celebration.

So consider with me for a moment what you have, and what you could give away generously. Perhaps it’s time- giving a child or a family member or a friend your undivided attention and listening ear. Perhaps it’s your skills and giftings- using something special about you to advance God’s Kingdom or benefit a neighbor. Or perhaps it’s your money- choosing to pass up a “want” or a luxury so another person or cause could experience a blessing.

This story from the Bible invites us to give it away, and then to watch it come back in a powerful way! Let’s play fetch!

Pastor Brian Davies