Culture Care

July 9th, 2019 Posted by Glory Minute 0 thoughts on “Culture Care”

What follows might be a tad heavier than your normal Glory Minute, but a recent learning had such an impact on me I felt like I needed to share…

Ever since the early days of the Church, detailed in the Book of Acts, it’s been a struggle to determine the most helpful and winsome approach the Christian should take in culture. Lately, it seems like the animosity some Christians have toward culture is on rise, and something about that just doesn’t quite feel right… 

I’ve heard it said that Christians need another model for cultural and political engagement, and one of the best I am aware of has been articulated by the artist Makoto Fujimura, who speaks about “culture care” instead of “culture war.” Here are Fujimura’s words:

“Culture care is an act of generosity to our neighbors and culture. Culture care is to see our world not as a battle zone in which we’re all vying for limited resources, but to see the world of abundant possibilities and promise.”

Fujimura goes on to describe a commitment to grace, beauty, and creativity, not antipathy, disdain, and pulsating anger. Writing about Fujimura’s work, Peter Wehner notes, “It’s the difference between an open hand and a mailed fist.”

I’d love your thoughts on this, but I, for one, found it helpful. Sometimes it can be tempting to look at all that is around us and get overwhelmed with fear, worry, and worse- anger and resentment. Leading with such a posture likely won’t do much in advancing the mission of the Church- to reach souls with hope found in Jesus Christ. Instead, we follow our master Jesus- washing feet, loving, listening, engaging, and the like. You cannot reach what you do not love.

This afternoon our church hosted a free luncheon for our seniors. Throughout the week, we’re celebrating our food pantry families by dishing out some warm food and special treats. Thursday our students head out for a mission trip which includes a few days serving some of God’s people who have special needs. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, the list goes on…

This is culture care, and may the Lord who opened His hand to us, continue to work an open-handed approach in us to the culture around us. 

Have an outstanding week!

Peace to you, Pastor Brian