June 25th, 2019 Posted by Glory Minute 0 thoughts on “Grief”

Greetings, Glory Minute readers!

This is the time of year that I end up thinking most about my Dad, who is now with the Lord. It’s the weeks sandwiched between his Birthday, Father’s Day, and the date of his passing. It’s also the middle of baseball/softball season, and I KNOW he would love little more than to see my kiddos on fields. Years later, grief is real.

Our neighborhood was rocked recently with the passing of perhaps the kindest guy on our street, the kind of guy everyone knew and everyone loved. We’ll miss his smile, his joyful and helpful spirit, and his zest for life. Please pray for his wife and their four children. Grief is real.

Grief takes on many forms. It comes in waves. There is a reason they say you go “through” grief; it’s because it cannot be avoided and must be gone through. And one of the most difficult aspects of the whole journey is that it’s difficult to have awareness about the ways in which it’s hitting you. Said another way, grief does stuff to you, and in you, that you don’t even know. Grief is real.

Writing about grief, Pastor Mike Woodruff puts it this way: “It is worth noting that many around you are sad and struggling. You may not see it, because in our culture it is more acceptable to be angry than sad. About all of this, author Steve Arterburn writes, ‘the Bible offers no precedent for us to suppress our sadness’. The Old Testament depicts many people showing real grief. The men of Israel would rip their clothes, sprinkle themselves with ashes, wear black armbands, and spend time in mourning. They would wail before the Lord without feeling shame. That experience allowed them to express their emotions and then move on without the baggage of repressed feelings. When we don’t grieve, we stuff our disappointments and sadness, and compensate for them with other less-threatening emotions, and at the top of the list is anger. But Scripture gives you liberty to grieve. So when you need to, openly grieve!”

Prayers to all who grieve. Grief is real; so is hope in Christ. Thanks be to God!