Made in the Image of God, and Why I Quit Twitter (Mostly)

March 5th, 2019 Posted by Glory Minute 0 thoughts on “Made in the Image of God, and Why I Quit Twitter (Mostly)”

Sunday we kicked off a new message series titled Made. We’re uncovering together the power of living in the reality that we are actually made and created in the image of God. The Big Truth from Week 1 was this- the reality that you are created in God’s image impacts not only how you view yourself, but also how you view others.

A recent op-ed by David Brooks was both challenging and super helpful. You can find it by clicking here, and I really encourage you to read it, it’s so worth it. 

Brooks compares our culture to a piece of fabric, arguing that just like fabric is a series of threads woven together, our culture and community are individuals woven together. He then points to what tears us apart, as well as the efforts of many to be “weavers”, folks who build bridges and strengthen bonds. 

After reading and reflecting, I began to consider my use of social media, especially Twitter. I began to consider how much of what is on Twitter is “weaving”, and how much is “tearing”. What do you think I found? My feed, at least, revealed a great deal of tearing. In response, I’m almost completely ignoring it, and making my own little effort to be more of a weaver. I’m trying. 

My observation: we are in the midst of a culture that is living through a lot of tearing, and there is a significant hunger for authentic weaving. With this in mind, I observed Sunday’s Be Our Guest Breakfast as a significant weaving moment.  It was a room full of people woven together by our children’s desire to serve us breakfast. We shared a lot that morning, together, from delicious food, including authentic Indian breakfast dishes, to smiling kids, to actually sitting down and talking to other adults, and even including an exercise looking at our kiddos’ baby pictures and celebrating them as people made in the image of God. It was weaving, and we could sense it.

Be on the lookout, these next few days, for what tears. Perhaps try to put that away for a season. And then consider that which builds up and weaves. We all need it.

Pastor Brian