One of my Favorite Sundays of the Year

April 30th, 2019 Posted by Glory Minute 0 thoughts on “One of my Favorite Sundays of the Year”

Blessed Easter to you- after all, it’s still Easter!

Sunday we celebrated Confirmation Sunday, and for these 8th Graders, it’s the culmination of an intentional journey to help them make their faith personal and meaningful. As a capstone on their journey, we invite them to make statements of faith. To give you a quick handle on how it went, even though I asked folks to hold their applause until the end, people couldn’t hold back.

To help you get a sense for their Holy Spirit-worked Christian maturity, here a few snippets. And as you read them, remember, these are eighth graders:

“When I pray to him… I see a friend who has just got my back”. 

“We can definitely never be even close to as forgiving as God is, but if we forgive easier and forget faster, we can improve our relationship with God as well as with others”.

“I believe He is here today. I believe in this, because while I cannot see him, I can see what he has done for me”. 

“He is the good shepherd and I was one of his lost sheep before he found me and gave me new life through him. He satisfies all of my needs and never fails me even when I fail him”. 

“To me, God is always with me through everything- from the highest points of my life to the lowest points of my life. That is very important to me because I believe that as long as I have God with me, I can face anything”. 

“I believe God gives each person a gift so that we can use our gifts to help those in need”. 

“I have faith in God, our heavenly Father. I believe that He created each one of us with purpose. It can just be difficult, at times, for us to know what that purpose is. Probably because we’re not all knowing, and all powerful, like He is. But, I have Faith that with the Lord’s guidance, I too, will find my purpose and my path in life. This challenge, and any other, I will never have to face alone. God is with me”.

Please join me in celebrating these young people, and thanking the Lord, their families, and this church, for helping foster and nurture faith in them.

You can hear last week’s message here.

Pastor Brian