So what do we value? What do we believe? In a word, (or three!) we value Jesus, Community, and Mission.

Jesus means we want every person to know what it’s like to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We want everyone to know His unconditional love, acceptance, grace, and mercy; to feel like they have surrendered their lives to Him, and that they are striving to know Him better. We want everyone to be endeavoring to have a deeper, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Community means we want every person to know the power of living in a Christian community and having a church family. We want everyone to feel like they are known and loved here, they know and love others here, and that being with other Christians helps develop, grow and sharpen their faith. We want everyone to be engaged with other Christians in a meaningful way and loving it.

Mission means we want every person to believe that God has placed them, uniquely, exactly where He wants them, on mission, to bring the peace and hope that comes in Christ to people in their circle of influence. We want people to believe that God’s work doesn’t terminate with merely saving them, individually, but that God now wants to use them to bring peace and hope to others. We want everyone to experience the sense of purpose that comes with living on mission.

Lord of Glory is a member of a larger network of churches called the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. To learn more about the LC-MS, visit www.lcms.org.


p: 847.548.5673

607 W. Belvidere Road (Rt. 120)
Grayslake, IL 60030


Worship  8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. 
Sunday School/Adult Bible Study  9:15 a.m.