Why I Didn’t Steal Hollandaise Sauce

August 22nd, 2019 Posted by Glory Minute 0 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Steal Hollandaise Sauce”

Happy Thursday, Glory Minute readers!

As I shared on Sunday, I was really tempted to do it. Out grabbing a few groceries, I loaded them into one of those baskets that you carry. After I emptied the items onto the checkout belt, I placed the basket at the end of the counter. As the checkout person handed me the first completed bag, there I saw the pack of hollandaise Sauce mix still at the bottom of the basket…

My first thought- “Score! I just got free hollandaise sauce!”

But quickly, and thankfully, I thought otherwise. Should I have taken it with me, it would have been wrong. It would have been what the book of Proverbs calls “ill-gotten gain”. It wouldn’t have tasted as good. And aren’t you glad you didn’t read the headline, “Local Pastor arrested for shoplifting hollandaise sauce”?

A number of you shared with me that similar temptations come to you as well.

In these moments, we are reminded that we have a sinful flesh at work in us. Martin Luther called it our “Old Adam”, and it’s alive and well. But we have a greater force at work- the Spirit of the Living God. It was sealed in you in your baptism, and it strengthens and grows in us as we receive the gifts of God regularly. This Spirit convicts us of what is wrong and it points us to what is true and right- thanks be to God. I believe it was the Spirit of God that spoke to me, “don’t even think about taking that hollandaise sauce!”

Question for you to consider today- where is the “Old Adam” in you rearing it’s ugly head? And how is the Holy Spirit leading you to what is better?

Final thought- dinner, especially that hollandaise sauce, never tasted so good!

Have an outstanding week!

Peace to you, Pastor Brian